• Panera Bread’s Ceo Attempts To Innovate The Way We Order Sandwiches

    A restaurant chain might not be the first place that comes to mind as a hub of innovative thinking–a consequence perhaps of the corporate motherships that standardize everything from the order-taker’s scripted lines to the clamshell boxes presented on abundant plastic trays. Even though his own company’s menu includes simple staples like soups, sandwiches, and […]

  • A Modern Take On An Old French Classic

    The French are known for their elegance, timeless style and sinful decadence. Not surprisingly, all three traits all characterize French cuisine — especially in their array of desserts. When we consume them, we often do so not only for their individual taste, but so we may feel as if we’re consuming a fraction of French […]

  • Tico Pastry Chef to Compete in Global Challenge

    When Edwin Solís heads to Norway for the Global Pastry Chef Challenge, he will not just compete for Costa Rica or for all of Central America. When the master pastry chef qualified for the July 2014 challenge, it meant he’d represent all of the Americas. Raised in a family bakery, Solís has honed his skills […]

  • Luxury Mayfair Restaurant to Sell Ultimate Food Gift

    High-end London eatery Novikov, owned by Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov, has begun retailing its own ultra-exclusive caviar. The Mayfair restaurant has responded to soaring demand from its well-heeled clientele by making the sought-after delicacy available to purchase over the counter, in addition to appearing on the in-house menus. Two versions of caviar will be for […]

  • Huge Accolade for Design House as It’s Awarded 3 AA Rosettes

    The Design House Restaurant at Dean Clough, Halifax, has been awarded 3 AA Rosettes. The only other West Yorkshire restaurant currently operating at that standard is the renowned Box Tree at Ilkley. Eighteen restaurants have been elevated to 3AA Rosettes with more than half of those in London. Chef/proprietor Lee Marshall, head chefs Ven Varley […]

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  • Tout Sweet: Reviving the French Classics

    Tout Sweet: Reviving the French Classics

    While American foods, food carts and American-born expat chefs are shaking things up in the Paris food scene,  here in the States,  French techniques are making a strong comeback on dessert menus  (if, in fact, they ever died out).  But

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  • Material Handling: Coconut Nectar

    Material Handling: Coconut Nectar

    In the true spirit of our Material Handling concept, we are inspired to work with as many forms of an ingredient as we can find. This month we look at coconut sugars. Coconut is not a true nut, but rather

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  • 2016 Wedding Cake Trends

    2016 Wedding Cake Trends

    As the opportunities are endless when it comes to wedding cakes, helping a client create a masterpiece that fits their personality and wedding theme can be overwhelming. From naked cakes to macaron towers and cake tables, we’ve outlined some of

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  • Material Handling: Fried Dough

    Material Handling: Fried Dough

    Fried dough is, of course, associated with outdoor food stands in carnivals, amusement parks, state fairs, rodeos, and resorts across the country. And modern donuts as an artisan food/art form have taken off and created a serious market segment that

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    Don’t you feel sophisticated when snacking on a croissant? It’s one of my not-so-guilty pleasures (read: I eat croissants pretty often). While savoring one earlier this week, it dawned on me that I’ve never had a croissant with the most

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  • Black Gold

    Black Gold

     Aged balsamic vinegar is the new “must-have” ingredient for unexpected flavor pairings and innovative desserts. Named for its curative properties, balsamic vinegar was once revered as a magical cure for everything from toothaches to heartaches. It was doled out sparingly

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