UK business crowdfunds for ‘groundbreaking’ cooking process

test-prod-shotA UK-based food technology pioneer Carritech Research has launched a campaign on crowdfunding site Seedrs, as it aims to raise £350,000 in equity funding for expanding the commercial development of its new “groundbreaking” formulation and process platform technology.

ColdBake is a patented process that enables biscuit or snack products to be produced at close to human body temperature, enabling the production of products enriched with vitamins, omega-3, sports nutrients, bioactives and medicines using only natural and commonly used food ingredients. The products appear and taste like they have been baked – but use a pioneering vaccuum process to avoid normal baking temperatures that destroy active ingredients, Carritech explained.

It claimed that the technology opens up opportunities to create entirely new ranges of functional foods, such as appealing nutritional supplements for children, vitamin-enriched biscuit products for seniors, cancer supportive care foods, emergency nutrition products and medicine-enriched pet and livestock foods. Coldbake has previously undergone an extensive independent testing process to confirm nutrient “bioavailability” and currently has patents granted in the UK and Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Mexico.

As well as developing the technology further, the Belfast-based business wants to use the money to progress its licensing negotiations with major food manufacturers.

Carritech plan to license their platform technology and capabilities to strategic partners and are currently in discussion with producers across a broad range of food sectors including bakery, breakfast cereals and sports nutrition.


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