Newby Teas presents new range of ‘healthy yet sweet’ iced teas

unnamed-4British tea producer Newby Teas has presented a new range of iced teas as “healthy yet sweet” summer drinks.

While traditional iced teas use leaf-dust tea bags that need sugar and lemon added to create flavour, Newby’s state-of-the-art packaging facility in Kolkata works to preserve flavour and aroma and preserve fruits’ natural sugars, Newby said. This means they can be used alone to make healthy, chilled drinks on hot summer days.

The new iced teas include strawberry and mango tisane, a unique blend of apple, rosehip and strawberry with exotic South Asian mango, hibiscus and papaya; plus rooibos orange tisane with South African rooibos complemented by the tangy, sweet flavour of orange and a hint of liquorice.

Newby Teas general manager of creative and marketing Gwen Hustwit said: “Summer drinks don’t have to be loaded with added sugar and alcohol to be fabulous. Our fruity tisanes have the fruit’s natural sugars preserved so you still get a sweet summer drink, but don’t have to stress about the calorific indulgence.

“Tea is England’s go-to drink. Exploring different flavours and serving it iced on a hot day is like drinking an entirely different drink than your usual cup – it’s guilt-free indulgence!”

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