Beneo develops new ‘natural and clean label’ functional rice starch

BENEO_Remypure_2016-copyright-is-BENEO©Elena-Veselova_-123rfFunctional ingredients manufacturer Beneo has launched its first high-performance rice starch that qualifies for both natural and clean label status worldwide.

Remypure functional native rice starch has high stability during processing and performs well, Beneo said, particularly under harsh processing conditions such as low pH, high temperature or high shear. As a result, it is well suited to applications that undergo demanding processing conditions including retorted sauces, baby food jars, dairy desserts and fruit preparations.

Due to Remypure’s new thermal production process, which is entirely natural, the functional rice starch achieves performance levels comparable to chemically modified food starches without using any chemicals, making it easier for manufacturers to adopt clean label positioning in their products.

Remypure has a clean taste and improves both shelf-life stability and the texture of products, German-headquartered Beneo added. Available in a range of variants, it gives food manufacturers a versatile clean label rice starch, allowing viscosity build-up suitable for both gentle and demanding processing conditions.

According to the brand’s commercial managing director, it will help manufacturers to capitalise on interest in clean label and natural products.

Marc-Etienne Denis said: “With 71% of European consumers considering natural products as better, clean label and natural claims are becoming ever more important in the creation of food products. We are proud to announce the launch of Remypure, as this high-performance rice starch will now enable Beneo customers worldwide to make the most of growing consumer demand for natural and clean label solutions, particularly in applications requiring severe processing conditions. ”


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