Honey beer brand Beehive Brae gains new listing across Scotland

BB-smlHoney beer brand Beehive Brae has secured a new listing in Aldi’s 67 stores throughout Scotland as part of a major summer promotional drive.

The addition of Aldi as a stockist will bring Beehive Brae’s full-bodied, artisan blonde beer to the attention of craft beer lovers across Scotland. Every bottle of Beehive Brae Honey Beer is brewed “for the betterment of bees”, with parent company Plan Bee driving the growing movement to protect and preserve Britain’s dwindling honey bee populations.

Aldi is the first major outlet to seize upon Beehive Brae, after Plan Bee came to the company’s attention through their Next Top Product competition, in which the sustainability businesses Origin Honey was also a finalist.

It is the culmination of a two-year journey for Plan Bee, which established its craft brewery following a successful crowdfunding project in 2014.

Plan Bee CEO Warren Bader said: “Honey bees are responsible for pollinating a third of the food that we eat, yet we have allowed their numbers to dramatically decline in recent years. This is more than just stocking another beer, but because our honey beer is brewed for the betterment of bees, this is a sustainability statement. We’re delighted to be working with a major brand like Aldi and look forward to sharing in the success of this summer promotion.”

And Stuart Patrick, chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: “Plan Bee is a fine example of how a company can utilise crowdfunding to enable success. Craft beer is hugely popular, and having Plan Bee’s own label honey beer stocked in 67 Aldi stores across the country is good news.

“The company is highly innovative and has helped organisations, including a number of our members, improve green credentials and commitment to the environment, while emphasising the importance of supporting a honeybee population that has been in worrying decline.”

Source: http://www.foodbev.com/news/honey-beer-brand-beehive-brae-secures-new-listing-throughout-scotland/

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