Australian firm develops method to safely cold-press raw milk

Screen-Shot-2016-06-08-at-15.01.18An Australian company has rolled out a new bottled “raw milk” that uses cold-pressing as an alternative technique to pasteurisation, after receiving the approval of the New South Wales Food Authority.

The micro-organisms in raw milk make it dangerous for humans to consume – but Sydney-based Made by Cow high-pressure processes the milk, which, despite the product’s positioning, mean it is no longer technically raw apart from avoiding the process of heating that conventional milk goes through during pasteurisation.

As Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald reported, the company worked with NSW Food Authority “for more than a year” to ensure that the product was free from the pathogens that are usually present in raw milk, and which pose a serious threat to humans.

Made by Cow has made the 750ml bottles, with a retail price of AUD 5 ($3.74) each, available in health stores in Australia. Because of the unusual method of processing, each bottle of Made by Cow’s cold-pressed milk features a thick layer of cream on top.

“Good herd management, hygienic milking techniques and the cold-pressure method have meant we can put 100% safe, raw milk onto supermarket shelves,” Made by Cow founder Saxon Joye was quoted as saying by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The bottles of milk are placed under enormous water pressure, squashed in about 15%, to remove the harmful micro-organisms.”


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