iPhone 8 release date rumours UK | iPhone 8 specs and new features

 The iPhone 8 rumors heating up the news and we all are predicting what is going to be in iPhone 8. Here we are predicting the release date of iPhone 8, price in UK, specifications and most of all new tech features. Actually a popular website from UK has published that Apple iPhone 8 will going to have the OLED display with curved plastic design. iPhone 8 specs Even TOUCH ID instead of home button in this new smart phone. This is going to be the pretty excited news about iPhone 8.

We are waiting for the release of iPhone 8 in UK and we want to see the differences between iPhone7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone8. Even we heard the news that the new generation smart phones from Apple are going to be iphone 7s and 7s plus. So, this is even pretty excitement. Are they releasing 3 smartphones at a time? So, we need to wait for the release date.

iPhone 8 rumor is pretty popular than the release of iPhone 8:

So, we have to see that iPhone 8 rumor is pretty popular than the release of iPhone 7. Even Apple also revealed that they are releasing updated version of iPhone 7 in next year. So, it will be iphone 7s and 7s plus in the next generation of iPhone 8. So, here we are sharing the rumors of iPhone 8 then there is no need to share the news about iPhone 8. So, you can check the iPhone 8’s release date in this post and even iPhone 8 UK price, iPhone 8 specs and new features. Then here is the complete information about the iPhone8.

So, here are the updated details of iPhone 8. According to plastic screens that iPhone 8 is going to have Touch ID as new specification which is used to control all the function like audio adjustments, brightness and many more with touch pad. You will don’t have any home button in this iPhone8. Apart from that iPhone is going to have the wireless charger which works on Inductive Mat technology. Even it charges with Pegatron and connecting that with Inductive Mat the place the iPhone8 on that to charge. It is the first time Apple product is coming with this technology. Here iPhone is covered from glass case in order to accept the more charge easily in less time. So, it will be feast for iPhone 8 lovers.

iPhone 8 release date rumours UK:

Now there are lots of people predicting the release date of iPhone 8. There are lots of rumors about the release date of iPhone8. According to leaks from Apple iphone 8 will be releasing in September of 2017 but here we share the details of all the iPhone series release date.

  • Sept 2016: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Mar 2017: iPhone SE 2
  • Sept 2017: iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus
  • Mar 2018: iPhone SE 3
  • Sept 2018: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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